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Introducing a key component of the famed ‘Mediterranean Diet’ 


Conclusions of published medical papers that studied Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO):

‘Researchers found that consumption of at least 7 grams of EVOO per day was associated with a 28%lower risk of dementia-related death (8th May 2024).’

‘... This study found that in US adults, particularly women, consuming more olive oil was associated with lower risk of dementia-related mortality, regardless of diet quality. Substituting olive oil intake for margarine and mayonnaise was associated with lower risk of dementia mortality and may be a potential strategy to improve longevity free of dementia. These findings extend the current dietary recommendations of choosing olive oil and other vegetable oils to the context of cognitive health and related mortality.’

‘A variety of molecular mechanisms have been implicated regarding EVOO’s (extra virgin olive oil’s) positive effects on cardiovascular and metabolic health. In particular, some of EVOO’s lipid-lowering effects can be ascribed to the ability of EVOO to increase the capacity of HDL and promote cholesterol efflux as well as increase expression of the ATP-binding cassette transporters ABCA1 and ABCG1 in macrophages. In addition, olive oil phenolic compounds demonstrate cholesterol binding activity and can impair cholesterol absorption in the intestine, as well as reduce oxidation of LDL (low density lipoproteins) via their antioxidant effects. Interestingly, these effects were demonstrated in a randomized crossover, controlled trail with polyphenol-rich olive oil exerting superior effects on LDL oxidation and proatherogenic CD40L gene expression in comparison to olive oil with low polyphenol content.’

‘EVOO’s phenolic compounds offer anti-inflammatory benefits, possibly reducing chronic neuroinflammation by downregulating pro-inflammatory cytokines. Moreover, EVOO’s rich array of antioxidants directly counteract the oxidative stress prevalent in AD (Alzheimer's Disease). In regulating *autophagy EVOO contributes to the clearance of toxic proteins like Aβ and tau, thereby mitigating some neurodegenerative processes. Therefore, EVOO and its phenolic compounds collectively suggest their potential as part of a dietary strategy for managing or preventing AD.’

*Autophagy is a natural process by which a cell breaks down old, damaged, unnecessary, or dysfunctional components within a cell and then repurposes those components for fuel and to build or maintain cells.

When selecting culinary oils that support and enhance a healthy diet, you should consider the most effective and beneficial oils sourced from specific Olive varieties that contain high levels of polyphenols (e.g. oleuropein) flavonoids, lignans & Omega-7. To discover which varieties of Olive oil we recommend, plus links to medical references, write to us: hq@primalfoodstore.co.uk  or complete the enquiry form below.

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