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At last, you can say goodbye to the Cafetière/French Press! No more coffee grounds, tea leaves or soggy bags in your cup or mug - upgrade to our Sensational SIGG today!

Designed and engineered in Switzerland, the SIGG hot and cold thermos drinking flask plus infuser/filter is a perfect companion for home, office or ‘on-the-go’ lifestyles! Made of heat-resistant borosilicate glass with a generous 0.4 Litre capacity, your hot beverages will remain hot for at least 1 hour and chilled drinks stay cold for 2 hours (or longer if ice cubes are added).

The double-walled insulation feature makes it an ideal choice for ground or instant coffee, black teas and herbal infusions, soups, smoothies and fruit drinks. The removable fine mesh infuser/filter basket retains coffee grounds and tea leaves so they don’t end up in your cup or mug! The 100% leak-proof screw cap makes it safe to carry in your backpack or handbag which means you can enjoy your favourite hot or cold drinks anytime, anywhere. With careful handling, your SIGG should last a lifetime!

TIP: Transfer 'drink-later' beverages from your SIGG to a thermos jug - we recommend between 1 and 3 litres capacity.

Alternatively, place your SIGG infuser/filter (filled with tea or ground coffee) directy into a large thermos jug. The opening of the jug should be at least 6 cms in diameter to enable the infuser/filter basket to fit inside - now you can make multiple individual servings of tea or coffee for the family or visitors - magic!  

ONLINE COMMENTS: “Great design, easy to clean, good quality and looks sleek” .... “I love glass insulated flasks because they have no dodgy taste issues, no rust worry, no need to leave upside down to ensure no remaining liquid inside” .... “It’s definitely leak proof, I gave it a cocktail shake for 30 seconds with preheated water, nothing came out at all” .... “I absolutely hate drinking out of plastic or steel. There is no comparison with glass, it's the best for clean tasting hot drinks. Needed a glass bottle for work. Every bit of this bottle is quality. Obviously have to be a little careful with it being glass, but I take it to work everyday in a rucksack, no problems. Also has the infusers which are quality as well. Highly recommended” .... “I bought this bottle because it takes hot drinks and cold drinks. I like to have loose leaf herbal teas, loose chai. I also like glass, it's nice to hold and to drink from. The 2 part strainers are great. It's really handy to be able to separate them, particularly for infusions vs tea leaves”.

• Double-wall for better insulation
• Leak-proof lid with easy grip handle
• Capacity: 400ml (13oz)
• Includes 2 x easy clean filters - simply tap contents into a waste bin and rinse 
• Silicon grip and base for safety & comfort
• Fine mesh filter/infuser retains tea leaves & coffee grounds
• Swiss design and engineering
• Dishwasher safe
• Instructions for use included

Bottle size: Diameter 7cm  x Height 22cm. Weight: 108g

The SIGG is BPA free, heat resistant and dishwasher safe. Keep away from very young children.

RECOMMENDATION: Try Immortalitea Herbal Tonic supplied by Primal Food Store.

IMPORTANT: SIGG colours vary including green, blue, lemon and red - they are randomly chosen with each order. If you have a colour preference then let us know using the comments section at the checkout and we will endeavour to send you your preferred colour if in stock.

Call or text our customer support line for more information and technical advice: +44 (0)7552 120 371