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COVID-19 | How To Stay Safer

Welcome to our COVID-19 list of suggestions on how to stay safer. Some of these ideas may help you and some may not - but here they are anyway!

1)  You will certainly recognise the image below. We all wear these WASHABLE protective gloves at Primal Food Store in the warehouse, when venturing out-doors, driving a vehicle to collect essential supplies or visiting the Post Office. Notice they protect not just the hands but the wrists and lower forearm too. Before travelling anywhere we spray them with sanitiser to ensure the complete surface of each glove is coated in the sanitising liquid. When we return it's a simple task of placing the gloves in a bowl of hot soapy water, leave to soak, then rinse and dry ready to use again ... simples! 



2)  All boxes, letters and packages received by couriers are first stored in a sterile area and sprayed with sanitising liquid, then left to dry. Wearing our gloves, we then remove the contents of each container and store in a separate sterile area. When needed, these items are now taken to a third sterile packing area ready for labelling and dispatch to our customers. 

3) We recommend customers take sensible precautions when the courier has delivered their order. Spray the outside of the package in sanitising liquid and leave overnight if possible. The next day, open the package and remove the items inside. They should be sterile, but to be sure, you may want to wipe them over with sanitising liquid.

Hope these tips are useful in these challenging times.

Best in health!

The Team at Primal Food Store.