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ATHENA Olive Leaf™ Herbal Infusion

According to Greek Mythology, Athena (the Goddess of Wisdom) planted the very first Olive tree on Planet Earth. Our wild-crafted ATHENA Olive Leaf™ may be enjoyed as a herbal infusion or a nutritious culinary ingredient that has become a firm favourite with gourmet chefs around the World. ATHENA Olive Leaf™ is harvested from a single, rare variety of Olive tree found in Southern Europe which is grown and produced to Organic standards. No chemicals are sprayed on the young leaves that are hand-picked prior to the Olive fruit appearing on the trees. ATHENA Olive Leaf is rich in anti-oxidants, and contains high concentrations of Oleuropein and other important phyto-nutrients that are used as active ingredients in a wide range of herbal remedies and medicines. 

Disclaimer: The following presentation by Dr Richard Becker is for educational purposes ONLY. Always refer to a qualified health professional before changing your diet.



Visit this medical study for further educational information only: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3002804/