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Test Your Drinking Water Instantly!


Now you can test your drinking water quickly, accurately and conveniently! Unlike traditional pH test strips that are not suitable for testing the acid/alkaline balance of drinking water, pH Perfect liquid reagent is the ideal solution for testing the pH of water intended for human consumption. This professional size pack contains three x 10ml bottles providing truly unbeatable value! 

If you are serious about your health and want to achieve and maintain a balanced acid/alkaline body, then you should aim to drink either neutral or slightly alkaline water each day. Unfortunately the typical Western diet contains excessive amounts of acid forming foods & beverages which increase the production of free-radicals and inflammation in our bodies. By consuming mainly alkaline forming foods and drinking water that is either pH neutral or slightly alkaline (between 7.00 and 8.00 pH) then we can more easily fight disease and help maintain optimal health and wellbeing. Active carbon jug cartridges usually contain added chemicals that produce highly acidic filtered water. Primal Food Store has evaluated a wide range of B***A style jug filter cartridges and they were found to produce less than healthy drinking water, measuring as low as 4.5 on the pH scale - not good! The EauWelle AktivCarbon purification system is designed to make traditional jug filters and bottled water totally redundant.

Our pH Perfect test kit includes a colour chart that covers a range of between 2 and 11 on the pH scale (7.00 being neutral pH).  Just squeeze 2 or 3 drops of the pH reagent liquid into a sample of tap or filtered water and you will observe the water change colour. Now compare the sample with the pH scale colour chart (included) to confirm the degree of acid or alkaline. We have discovered that pH Perfect reagent liquid is far more accurate for testing the pH of water (h2O) when compared to pH test strips, which are designed for indicating the pH levels of saliva and urine to determine their approximate value on the acid/alkaline scale. However, this professional grade liquid reagent being multi-purpose is also suitable for testing saliva and urine levels of pH, far more accurately than test strips. You would normally pay £7.95 (or more) for ONE bottle of pH liquid reagent from other manufacturers - please don't miss our very limited time offer of three x 10ml bottles for the price of one!