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Organic Prime Selection Fermented Whole Foods


This unique, Certified Organic, Gluten Free, Fermented Whole Food complex contains billions of live, active bio-cultures that are compatible with the human microbiome. There are 60 x 2.5 gram servings in each 150 gram screw-lid tub.

Contents include these raw, fermented whole foods:

Spirulina, Lentils, Chick Peas, Biodynamic Brown Rice, Mung Beans, Linseeds, Molasses, Adzuki Beans, Amarath, Dunaliella Salina, Sweet Potato, Pumpkin Seeds, Sunflower Seeds, Chia Seeds, Quinoa, Ginger, Beetroot, Cabbage.

The above whole foods have been fermented with the following non-dairy bio-cultures using the patented FloraFERM process:

L.Acidophillus, L.Delbrueckii, L.Caseii, L.Bulgaricus, L.Causasicus, L.Fermenti, L.Plantarum, L.Brevis, L.Helveticus, L.Leichmanni, L.Lactis, B.Bifidum. 


Health Benefits: 

This highly nutritious fermented whole food complex contains twelve key active bacteria colonies (probiotics) that support and help maintain good gut health...

# Enzymes aid digestion

# Enzymes break down Lactose which helps those suffering from Lactose intolerance

# Cleans the intestinal-tract, helps to purify the colon and promote regular bowel movement

# Helps prevent the growth of harmful bacteria and fungi

# Fights mould, viruses & parasites

# Stimulates the immune system

# Reduces the effect of Candida infections

# Helps protect us from environmental toxins, pesticides and other harmful to health chemicals

# Creates Lactic Acid which assists in maintaining a balanced intestinal pH

# Fermentation optimises 'cell-ready' vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and other important nutrients 

Suggested use: 

Mix 2.5 grams of powder with clean (non-chlorinated) water, fruit or veggie juice and consume on a daily basis. Do NOT refrigerate, store in a cool place.

CAUTION: Do NOT consume this supplement if you are taking prescription antibiotics. If you are taking any prescription drug or undergoing any medical treatment we advise consulting a doctor or qualified health professional before use.

Certified By: Organic Food Federation (AU-BIO-005).   Best Before Date: January 2024