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Studies show that Omega-3's from plant foods offer more protection than fish oils:

The Nurses' Health Study looked at more than 76,000 women over a 10 year period and found that those consuming the most Omega-3 ALA had a 45% lower risk of heart disease. The authors noted "Higher consumption of foods such as oil-based salad dressings that provide polyunsaturated fats [including Omega-3 ALA] may reduce the risk of fatal heart disease".

The Health Professionals' Study looked at more than 43,000 men for six years and found that a 1% increase in Omega-3 ALA lowered the risk of heart attack by 59%.

The National Heart, Lung & Blood Institute study of more than 4,500 people found that men who consumed the most Omega-3 ALA had a 40% lower risk of heart disease. Women who consumed the most Omega-3 ALA had a 50-70% lower risk.

The Lyon Diet Heart Study investigated if a typical Mediterranean diet rich in Omega-3 ALA could reduce secondary heart disease compared to a typical Western diet in a group of 423 adults. Results showed a drop in death rates of nearly 70% in favour of the Mediterranean diet group.

Observational and clinical studies provide overwhelming evidence that plant based Omega-3 fatty acids are beneficial to human health. The typical UK diet contains over 20 times more pro-inflammatory Omega-6 compared to anti-inflammatory Omega-3. Concerned about your health? Time to get real!

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