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EEZYfoam® Bath 'N Shower Dispenser PLUS Free Gift!

Save Time|Save Money|Save Soap|Save Water|Save Energy|Save The Planet!

Is all that really possible? Yes - and we can prove it! Our revolutionary EEZYfoam® system includes these two amazing products;

EEZYfoam® Bath 'N Shower plus EEZYfoam® Hands 'N Face instant foaming soap dispensers.

When you purchase the refillable, eco-friendly EEZYfoam® Bath 'N Shower foaming soap dispenser you also receive the refillable, eco-friendly EEZYfoam® Hands 'N Face dispenser with our compliments! These products are not sold via Ebay, Amazon or any High Street Store. Both products are free from metal parts, aerosol propellants or pressurised gas and don't require batteries. They also carry our 3 year replacement guarantee against manufacturing faults and are supplied complete with Circassia® body mousse, a 100% plant based, all natural foaming body cleanser - see ingredients below:  



Circassia® Foaming Body Mousse contains Conservation Grade Lemon Myrtle essential oil and according to an Australian University study is more powerful than Tea Tree oil! Lemon Myrtle - prized for its rich Citral content - is found exclusively in semi-tropical regions of the Australian rainforest. This highly sought after ingredient contains 'more Lemon than a Lemon' (see chart below) and provides safe but effective anti-mould, anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and anti-fungal properties. Lemon Myrtle is also a natural preservative and produces a delightful Lemon fragrance that will not linger on your skin - unlike artificial perfumes or fragrances.