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Ashwagandha Delayed Release Capsules


Pure Ashwaghanda micronised root powder - Certified Organic at source (Soil Association). Supplied in Vegan/Vegetarian Delayed Release (DR) capsules. To safeguard the integrity of the active ingredients in Ashwaghanda our capsules are designed to remain intact as they travel through the acidic environment of the stomach. When these acid resistant capsules enter the more alkaline environment of the small intestine, they rapidly dissolve, releasing their contents through the wall of the intestinal tract and into the blood stream... ingenious! Many pharmaceutical medicines are manufactured using an enteric coating in order to protect the active ingredients from the harsh environment of stomach acid. Our capsules employ Delayed Release (DR), a superior technology compared to Enteric Coating. Real Time Laboratory tests indicate that a far lower dose of acid-protected ingredients is needed compared to conventional capsules or tablets in order to achieve the same effect.


Each pack contains 100 x Delayed Release (DR) capsules of micronised Ashwagandha herbal root powder (Certified Organic at source). No fillers, excipients, flowing agents, additives, colours, GM, animal, dairy, fish, wheat, gluten, nuts or tree nuts. Suitable for Vegans, Vegetarians, Coeliacs, Diabetics and low-sodium diets.

CAUTION: If you are pregnant, nursing, taking any form of medication or medical treatment, always consult your GP or health care professional. Take ONE and no more than THREE capsules per day with clean water (not with food). Best Before: 12 months from date of purchase.